School Management System

This School Management System is developed to empower Administration, Teachers, Students and Parents. Through this software parents and teachers can contribute their best to increase the learning outcomes of the student and to achieve maximum goals with increased productivity.

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Application Benefits

  • Designed to fulfill the needs of each department of school.
  • Information can be easily shared with authorized users.
  • Comprehensive Financial Record Keeping.
  • Records can be easily searched can be easily generated.

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Login Area

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  • Financial Modules

    Manage all accounts of a school according to standard double entry system and generate all financial reports such as Chart of Accounts (four levels), Financial Years, and Vouchers Browsing (Search by different criteria) Financial Reports.

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  • Attendance

    Manage attendance record of students. Traditional manually taken attendance on registers or Excel sheets could be easily transferred into system. System Supports Biometric or Proximity Attendance Systems.

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  • Student Admission

    Stores all personal data of student and keeps track of their class/grade session by session such as Registration, Admissions and Promotion into New Classes, Mark Sheet, and Assignment of Classes, Batches and Subjects.

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  • Comprehensive Modules

    School Management System has modules to manage Timetable, Attendance, Examinations, Result Compile System, Finance, Lesson Plans, School News, Library, Transportation, School Events, Incident Reporting etc.

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